Common Questions and Problems
Commonly asked questions about Computer & Printer repair

QUESTION: What can I do if I have a virus?

System diagnostics is always the first step. If a virus is detected, we recommend a Data Back-up followed by a full system restore. This ensures that the virus is completely removed.

QUESTION: Why is my computer running so slow?

Many factors can cause a computer to bog. It is necessary to diagnose first whether the problem is Hardware or Software. It may be anything from a fragmented hard drive to a virus.

QUESTION: Why is my computer shutting down?

When a computer shuts down, it can be either a Hardware or a software. Software corruption may have this effect, though we sometimes find a bad motherboard/processor or even a failing hard drive.

QUESTION: How can I maximize my PC's performance?

The answer to this question depends on what is happening with Hardware as well as Software. We do diagnostics to determine the best solution within the specifications of the particular machine. Sometimes a Software Restore is needed or perhaps a RAM upgrade will significantly improve performance.


QUESTION: I just put new ink in. Why is my printer not printing or printing poorly?

The first step is to make certain that the ink cartridge installed is indeed good/functioning. We have a large selection of test cartridges that allow us to do this first step easily. The next step is to check the pumps, lines, printheads and other printer hardware elements, looking for blockages or damage. Often, InkJet printers just need a good clean & check to resolve poor print quality issues.

QUESTION: I removed a paper jam from my printer and now I have a paper jam error but there's no paper in the machine. What is happening?

In removing a paper jam, sometimes paper feed gears get bound up, inducing a jam error. If it was a particularily messy paper jam, a small piece of paper may still be lodged somewhere in the paper path. We often find foreign items such as thumbtacks, candy wrappers or pens pinched in the paper feed rollers.

QUESTION: My printer is grinding and/or the carriage is slamming. What is happening?

A problem like this usually indicates a hardware problem. A dirty or damaged encoder strip may cause a print carriage to slam or create printer errors. Grinding may be caused by stripped or disengaged gear assemblies. We have many parts in-stock or can order parts to repair such issues.
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